Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Floyd......... Or Oscar???????????????? Who's going to become immortal? Give your predictions on how this battle will end!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm picking Mayweather. I think fight will go the distance

Anikin said...

I've thought long and hard on this one and it just so happens that these 2 guys are my favorite boxers in the game right now. I liked and followed both of them from early in there professional careers and I think it will go like this. The fight will go the distance and it will not be an easy for either fighter. Keys to victory: Oscar tends to fade in the later rounds HE ABSOLUTLY CANNOT fade or take too many rounds off or he will surely lose by decision. Floyd tends to lose focus and play around with his victims, HE CANNOT play around like that with Oscar, he will be in with a GREAT "boxer" not to mention a HUGE name so those rounds could be given away if he does more playing then punching. Other then that I believe it will come down to the hand speed of Floyd Maywether Jr. If he gets into the ring and is STRICKLY ABOUT BUISNESS he WILL win the fight. So if I had to pick I would have to take The Pride of Mehico! The GOLDEN BOY OOOOOOSCAR DELA HOOOOOOOYA!!!!!!!!!!!! Oscar! Oscar!! Oscar!!! Oscar!!!!
How could I consider myself a die hard fan and in his biggest obstacle not stand by that man. After Ray Leonard left the game Oscar made me like boxing again, let’s go GB!!!!

Anikin Out!!!

Clayton said...

Being a huge fight fan I have to say that this upcoming bout is great for the sport. This will definitely be the biggest fight of my generation.

As far as who's going to be victorious that's hard to say...Will Oscar's ring wars of the past catch up with him? Will the fact that Floyd as yet to face someone of the Goldenboy's status lead to his demise?

I for one believe that Floyd will be victorious simply because he knows that this fight (not any potential rematch in case there's a loss) will be the perfect ending to a Hall of Fame career. The fact that he's chasing the chance to be mentioned in the same breath as Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Ray Leonard, and Julio Ceasar Chavez coupled with the controversial relationship with his father (Oscar's former trainer) may be the added boost need to come out with a win.

I think Floyd's speed, defense, boxing skill, and Roger Mayweather's game plan will be enough to get the win. My prediction is that it will be a split decision and the Pretty Boy will come out on top.

David Haas said...

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